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Migraine Headache :Causes Symptoms Treatment

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Migraine Headache :Causes Symptoms Treatment

Migraine headache is not a common headache, but a traumatic illness. It is also commonly called a migraine headache. Sometimes the pain is so severe that the affected person feels pain and discomfort in shaking his head, turning his neck and even moving his eyes to the right and left and it seems as if hammers are constantly falling on his head and so on. Occurs only on one side of the head.

The pain usually affects the left side of the head from the top of the ear to the condyle and the patient also suffers from nausea and vomiting, as well as numbness of the face and ears. I also feel the whistles ringing, which are the main symptoms of migraine.

All types of headaches can be divided into two types: primary or primary and secondary or secondary.

Primary headaches are those that are not caused by another illness, while secondary headaches are those that are caused by another illness or are a symptom of another illness. Migraine is a basic headache, meaning it is not a symptom of any other disease, but a disease in itself.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Migraine?

Migraine Headache

1. Emotional stress

Any kind of stress is very dangerous for health and also the cause of many diseases.
Emotional stress can also cause migraines, such as a sudden onset of anxiety and suffering for several days.

2. Hormone Fluctuations

Changes in the level of hormones in the body of women occur very fast. These hormones are also the cause of the change in the behavior and mood of women in the case of towel in the moment and mosquito in the moment, therefore most women also suffer from migraine.

There is no denying that men are completely unfamiliar with this pain, but the hormones in men are not more or less than the speed of lightning in women as compared to women. That is why men are relatively less emotional. They suffer less.

3. Sensitivity To Light

Prolonged exposure to a particular type of light or over-lighting can also lead to migraine attacks.
Light is directly related to the eyes and the eyes to the brain, so what is painful for the eyes is also painful for the brain.

4. Odor Sensitivity

Just as bright light can cause this pain, so too the smell can cause a headache, not only because of the smell but also because of the strong smell.

5. Very Active Brain

Hyperactive brain refers to an overly active or active brain. By the way, the function of the brain is to be alert and alert at all times and to keep us informed about the surroundings, but in case of being very alert, the brain is the same.

It also senses the slightest change in objects, such as light, smell, temperature, etc., and gives the same signal over and over again from one neuron to another, which is a half-headache Causes .

According to researchers, deficiency of the hormone serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is also a cause of migraine.

People who want to get Rid of Migraine Headaches Should do the Following:

Migraine Headache :Causes Symptoms Treatment

1. Drinking Tea or Coffee

Drinking tea or coffee can also alleviate migraine headaches, as the caffeine in it is very beneficial in this regard.

2. Relax

The best treatment for migraine headaches is rest. Resting in bed in a dark and quiet room at home can also bring relief and comfort.

3. Skimmed

In case of pain in the condyle, it can be skimmed. For this purpose, a cloth can be soaked in warm water and placed on the place of pain, which can give a lot of relief to the patient.

4. To Take Bath

Taking a bath every day is very beneficial for health and this process saves us from many diseases, so taking a bath with cold water to avoid migraine is also beneficial and also a mild with the advice of a doctor. Medication can also be taken.

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