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Carrots are useful in cancer

Carrots are useful in Cancer

A healthy, balanced diet is a diet that contains all the essential ingredients needed to keep the body growing and functioning properly. Nature has also created a variety of fruits and vegetables along with a variety of commodities so that it One such diet is carrots. Carrots protect against colon, lung and breast cancer. It is also useful to drink fresh juice. Carrots can also be eaten raw as a salad. It also prevents cancer-causing cells. A recent study found that beta-carotene not only protects against many body organs such as lung, gastrointestinal and bladder cancers, but also protects cell membranes from oxidative stress. Also, it has anti-cancer properties. Carrots contain about 77% beta carotene. In addition, another ingredient found in it, Falcarinol, also plays an important role in slowing down or preventing cancer cells.

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