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Carrots are useful in Cancer

A healthy, balanced diet is a diet that contains all the essential ingredients needed to keep the body growing and functioning properly. Nature has also created a variety of fruits and vegetables along with a variety of commodities so that it One such diet is carrots. Carrots protect against colon, lung and breast cancer. It is also useful to drink fresh juice. Carrots can also be eaten raw as a salad. It also prevents cancer-causing cells. A recent study found that beta-carotene not only protects against many body organs such as lung, gastrointestinal and bladder cancers, but also protects cell membranes from oxidative stress. Also, it has anti-cancer properties. Carrots contain about 77% beta carotene. In addition, another ingredient found in it, Falcarinol, also plays an important role in slowing down or preventing cancer cells.

Healthy skin 

Carrots are used not only for hygiene but also for keeping the skin fresh. It is a favorite vegetable of women which can be used not only for making various dishes but also as a face mask and moisturizer. The antioxidants and vitamin A in it protect the skin from the effects of the sun’s rays. Carrots remove wrinkles, freckles and blemishes on human skin. It is also used in various cosmetic products to brighten and refresh the skin. Carrot face mask can also be easily prepared at home.

To make a face mask

 Mix one tablespoon of carrot juice with one tablespoon of honey and apply this paste on face and neck and leave it for ten minutes. After ten minutes, wash your face thoroughly with cold water.

Skin Moisturiser

Two teaspoons of grated carrot, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of milk, a few drops of olive oil. Mix all these together and make a paste and apply on face and neck for ten to fifteen minutes. Leave it. Then wash your face with cold water. It is a useful moisturizer for dry skin in winter. It makes the skin soft and radiant. One cup of carrot juice contains 94 kcal of nutrients, of which 2.24 g protein, 0.35 g fat, 21.90 g carbohydrates, 1.90 g fiber, 689 mg potassium, 20 mg Ingredients other than Vitamin C, 0.217 mg Thiamine, 0.512 mg Vitamin B, 6,2,256 micrograms Vitamin A, 36.6 micrograms Vitamin A.

Gastric cancer

 Carrots are full of antioxidants. A study has shown that carrot juice is useful in protecting the stomach from cancer. If carrots are eaten regularly, the chances of stomach cancer are reduced.

Remedy for leukaemia

 A study has revealed that carrot juice plays an effective role in killing leukemia cells. Sometimes carrot juice destroys leukemia cells on its own and prevents them from spreading, but more research is needed.

Protect against breast cancer

Carrots contain large amounts of carotenoids that prevent breast cancer from recurring. Scientists have reported that the higher the amount of carotenoids in the blood, the lower the risk of recurrence of breast cancer. For this, a small study was done in which women were given eight ounces of carrot juice daily for three weeks. Later, when their blood was examined, it was found that their blood had high levels of carotenoids and oxidative Stress There were fewer symptoms of oxidative stress that can cause cancer. Carrots are used in raw food, cooking, salads and pickles. In winter, carrot halwa is also eaten with gusto. Carrot juice is also very useful for children and adults. Carrots are more nutritious than all the vegetables and fruits that are sold at high prices. They are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Drinking carrot juice gets rid of many toxins in the liver. It cleanses the liver. Vitamin K and Vitamin D present in carrots together with calcium strengthen the bones. Here are some of the many benefits of carrots.

Relieve anaemia  

Carrots are rich in iron, so its use is recommended for people suffering from anemia. Daily consumption of carrots eliminates anemia. Carrots are good for joint pain, arthritis and other ailments.

Good for eyesight 

The use of carrots is beneficial for eyesight. The beta carotene in it which is the initial form of vitamin is converted into vitamin A with the help of liver. This vitamin A is very beneficial for our eyes. It strengthens the eye muscles. Carrots are rich in beta carotene. Daily consumption of carrots protects against eye diseases, vision loss, cataracts, blindness. The use of carrots is very beneficial, especially for children. Make carrots a part of your diet.

Useful in respiratory and lung diseases 

Carrot juice is rich in vitamin C and reduces the severity of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a respiratory disease. A study of people over the age of 40 in Korea found that people with COPD were consuming less potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, including carotene.

Useful in eye diseases 

The use of carrots is beneficial for the eyes as it is rich in beta carotene. This substance is also found in other vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, and mangoes and oranges. Beta-carotene is absorbed in the intestines and converted into vitamin A in the presence of bile acids or bile acids in the liver. In addition to improving night vision, it also protects against certain medical problems such as night blindness, conjunctivitis and cataracts in old age.

Don’t let the effects of ageing become noticeable

The presence of vitamin C in carrots makes collagen in the body. It is a type of protein, which prevents wrinkles on the face, including maintaining the elasticity of the skin, while the vitamin A in carrots is free due to its antioxidant properties. Affects radicals and protects against wrinkles and blemishes in old age. Vitamin E is also found in carrots. It is anti-aging, so people who consume carrots regularly, their skin in old age is quite protected from the effects of aging. In addition, the body, bones in old age. It also protects against pain and osteoporosis.

Maintain skin moisture

 Lack of potassium in the body often leads to dry skin. The special amount of vitamin potassium in carrots keeps the skin moist.

Diabetes and cholesterol control 

The use of carrots is also extremely beneficial for diabetics as the carotenoids in them balance blood sugar levels due to their chemical action, while soluble dietary fiber, in addition to lowering cholesterol, maintains the digestive system and prevents constipation. There is no complaint.

Strong teeth

 Fibrous vegetables such as carrots are useful in making saliva in the mouth. Protects against tooth decay and throat cancer.

Beneficial for heart and digestion 

The carotenoids in carrots help reduce heart disease. Carrots are also useful in lowering blood pressure. The use of carrots is beneficial for patients with high blood pressure. In addition, carrots are a good source of fiber, it keeps the digestive system healthy. It helps in diarrhoea , dysentery and Protects against diseases like constipation.

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