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Which Asana is Best For Liver?


Today’s write about Asana to strong our liver.The liver is the fuel of the body’s machinery, but it is also the body’s factory and warehouse. These ingredients include carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins that provide energy to the body through the liver.

Below are 4 Yoga Asanas that we can follow to improve Liver function.


1. Kapal Bhati Prenama

Prenama is a breathing exercise known to cure all diseases of the liver such as jaundice and hepatitis. It also improves the function of the spleen.

The way to do this is to sit on a flat surface.

Take a deep breath in slowly, exhale through the nostrils with full force. Focus your full attention on the coming and going of the breath. For best results, this asana can be done for at least 15 minutes daily.

2. Ardha Matsyendrasana

This asana works like magic in liver weakness or disorders. It helps to put some pressure on the liver.

As a result, the liver is able to develop the ability to fight against toxic densities. Sit on the ground with the left foot on top of the right foot while the knees are above the ground. Your right hand. Hold your left foot while passing under the left, then lightly press the abdomen with the left leg. In doing so, turn your head to the right.

3. Bopoz


This asana is surprisingly effective against the accumulation of fat in the liver. It stimulates the liver. It strengthens and makes the excess fat in it capable of energizing the body. Lie down. Lift your legs and torso at the same time. Hold your legs with your hands as if you are in a state of bowing.

Stay in this position for 10 minutes, otherwise gradually increase to a few seconds.

4. Cow Face Pose Asana

If the liver shrinks, it will not be able to eliminate toxic densities, fight bacteria and convert fats into energy. This posture stimulates the liver and makes it active. Kneel while both legs are on top of each other. Straighten the back. Move your hands to the waist. Place one on the shoulder from above while the other is placed on the waist near the ribs while moving from the side.

Now take both hands and stay in this position for two to three minutes and keep repeating it for 15 minutes.

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