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Carrot Nutrition

Carrot is one of the most popular vegetables in the world, which is widely eaten and grown. Carrot is a vegetable which is also counted among the fruits. Carrot is the English name. Carrots are native to Afghanistan, but are now grown all over the world. Agricultural experts say that carrot growers can provide affordable carrots to the people by adopting modern and productive methods. Carrot leaves are like fennel or safflower leaves. They are white in colour. They give off fragrance.

Carrot root is one to one and a half feet long. The best type is the one that is red, sweet and low in fiber. Its color can be orange, pink, red, dark brown or even black. According to the research of medical experts, carrot prevents the formation of cancerous tumors. The special ingredients in carrots help prevent cancer in the body. Carrot green leaves are rich in nutrients. They are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. Are Nutritiously, carrots are the best source of Vitamin A. The alkaline ingredients in carrots cleanse the blood and develop the whole body. They maintain the balance of acidity and alkalinity in the body. Carrot juice is called miraculous juice. It is not only healthy for children, but also very beneficial for adults. Carrot juice gives energy to the eyes and refreshes and refreshes the skin. Chewing a carrot after a meal kills the germs that enter the mouth through the food. It cleans the teeth and removes the nutrients from the joints. Eating carrots stops bleeding gums and stops tooth decay.

Other uses of carrots

Carrots are eaten in different ways. It is eaten raw in the form of salads. It is also eaten boiled and eaten as a curry. Its soups and juices are popular all over the world, but it is more useful in its raw state. Its healthy ingredients are lost in large quantities. Carrots are a useful ingredient in salads. Carrot pickle is made by mixing pepper, salt and mustard. It is very tasty and digestible, it strengthens the stomach and the liver. Effective in curing hemorrhoids. A small amount of this pickle is very useful for the stomach while eating. To get rid of heart disease and heartburn (heart beating disease), carrots are pressed in the ground and heated. Then it is cut and eaten at night. In the morning, it is very useful to feed the patient by mixing curry powder and sugar. Carrot halva is usually made from fresh pink carrots. This halva should not be eaten for more than one and a half servings, because by eating too much of it, it does not remain a medicine, but becomes food.

Digestive disorders 

Chewing carrots well increases salivation and speeds up digestion, as it provides the stomach with essential enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Eating carrots daily does not cause stomach ulcers. And there are no digestive diseases. Carrot juice helps in relieving intestinal pain, inflammation of the colon, gastric ulcer and indigestion.


If carrot juice is mixed with spinach juice and a little lemon juice is added to it, then constipation goes away. Spinach juice eliminates intestinal disorders. To prepare the said juice, 250 ml of carrot juice is prepared. I should mix 50 ml of spinach juice.


Carrot juice is an excellent natural remedy for diarrhea. It cures dehydration and compensates for the loss of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and magnesium. Carrot juice protects against intestinal inflammation. Drinking carrot juice daily stops the growth of bacteria. This juice is also very useful for preventing vomiting. For children, this juice is extremely useful. To get rid of diarrhea, boil half a kilo of carrots in 150 ml of water till they become soft. Then rinse the water and add a little salt in it every half an hour. Give the patient a drink. In a few hours, signs of improvement will begin to appear.

Stomach worms

 Carrots are very effective in eliminating stomach worms in children. Eating a small cup of grated carrots in the morning helps to get rid of stomach worms quickly.

Carrot jam

 Regarding carrot marmalade, doctors have written that it is easily digested. Patients with asthma They should eat this jam, because it benefits them a lot. It is better to make this jam in honey. By crushing the carrot leaves, the akla (mouth watering) goes away. That is why it is not included in the medicine of Istisqa.

Eating habits and precautions 

Carrots and radishes are vegetables that should be thoroughly washed and dried before eating. These vegetables produce odors when eaten in large quantities.

Features and Benefits

Carrot opens the liver and is an invaluable vegetable in giving strength to the body. Bladder and kidney stones are broken down by drinking carrot juice daily. Carrot pudding gives strength to the body. It is useful in heart diseases. Drinking a glass of carrot juice daily does not cause heart disease. Carrots are more nutritious than all other vegetables. Eating raw carrots increases eyesight. Carrots eliminate anemia in the body. Carrots brighten the complexion and enhance beauty. Eating carrots relieves urinary irritation. Dairy cattle give more milk than carrots. Eating carrots relieves mental disorders. It refreshes the brain. Mixing Egyptian with carrot juice and giving half a glass to a jaundiced patient for a week. There are many benefits.

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