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What is best daily food routines of good health ?

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Daily food routines of good health

If we talk about best daily food routines of good health ,It is a common observation that whether it is school going children or university students doing research studies. Whether it is working professionals or pure housewives, people living in developed and developed busy cities usually walk for breakfast in a hurry. “We eat lunch in a very tight time of 10 minutes, while we eat dinner with great care.

This type of diet seems to be in line with the routine of the busiest day, but it is not at all correct in terms of a healthy dietary balance. First of all, it is not beneficial for health in any way.

Keeping your body’s machine active all the time by providing it with very little fuel (food) all day and giving it excessive fuel (food) at the end of the day to give your body a chance to get complete rest mentally, physically and psychologically.Can cause irreparable damage.

Long breaks between providing the body with a nutritious diet can reduce the amount of body chemicals (blood, sugar and insulin) or disrupt its functioning. A well-balanced and balanced diet eaten at night “Eating breakfast that is not eaten in the morning and tasting during the day can never compensate for the damage done to the body by dietary irregularities throughout the day.

Daily food routines of good health

Nutrients such as protein and calcium are consumed in small amounts during the day, so they quickly become part of the body, and our body is unable to digest them when we take them in large quantities at night. People who eat a rich diet once a day are more likely to be deficient in protein and calcium, especially young children and students. According to researchers, people who go hungry all day long to lose weight. They also live and eat only once a night. Beware of obesity because this process will make them gain weight instead of losing it, because if you keep your body active by eating small amounts of food throughout the day. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness at night.

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