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Dental protection

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People with shiny and clean teeth become the center of attention of others. Beautiful teeth add four moons to a smile. Teeth are a part of the beauty of the face. If there is any defect or disease in the teeth, then read Beauty At the same time, many blessings are lost by eating. Dental care should be done more than the body and face. If you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you can be protected from many dental diseases. Especially after eating sweets, you must clean your teeth because sugar contains a special type of bacteria called saliva. Together with the acidic substance is converted. The acidic substance accumulates on the surface of the teeth and makes the tooth cavity hollow.

Dental protection In order to avoid dental diseases and maintain beauty, it is important to brush with a good toothpaste every morning and evening, if possible, after every meal. Millions of people around the world suffer from various dental diseases, including bleeding gums, swelling and inflammation, or pus and irritation. Inflammation in the gums starts when the plaque layer on the teeth freezes. Plaque is actually a substance that starts to clot on the teeth due to improper cleaning of the teeth. As a result, the gums get infected with various diseases. Brushing cleans teeth completely. According to experts, if certain ingredients are added to the diet that help in the health and cleaning of teeth and gums, one can enjoy good health and food for a long time. ۔ Below are some useful tips for teeth. According to experts, all fruits that are rich in vitamin C such as cannabis, malt, guava, strawberry, etc., their daily consumption strengthens the tissues that connect the muscles of the gums. The use of white soles in food or salads cleans the plaque layer and strengthens the outer layer of teeth, the enamel. Calcium found in white soles strengthens teeth and gums. Using one tablespoon of soles two or three times a week not only gently cleans teeth but can also provide calcium. Consumption of cheese satisfies the need of calcium in the body. If a piece of cheese is eaten after eating, it is also useful in reducing the acidity in the mouth. Ginger or sugarcane sucking not only improves the digestive system but it can also clean the teeth and gums. All dark green leafy vegetables, including spinach, are a good source of calcium and magnesium.

Calcium also strengthens bones. Onions contain powerful antibacterial sulfur compounds. According to health experts, onions have the ability to kill a variety of bacteria. Onions are considered more useful when used raw as a salad. Its unpleasant odor is eliminated by chewing mint or a few coriander leaves. Mixing mustard oil, lemon juice, salt and toothpaste cleans the teeth. This toothpaste is useful in pain and movement of teeth. Grinding salt in mustard oil very finely and mixing it also cures toothache and swollen gums. Grind five cloves and squeeze lemon juice in them and rub it on the teeth to get rid of the pain. In case of toothache, it is useful to keep clove or apply its oil. Finely chop the peel of sangtra and dry it in the sun and when these peels are well dried, grind them finely and keep them in a bottle. Brush your teeth with this toothpaste three times a day. You will get rid of tooth decay. It is also useful in some other dental problems. Gargling with water and salt is considered to be the easiest and most useful tip in which to gargle by mixing salt in lukewarm water, it strengthens the teeth and gums, doing so on a daily basis also makes the teeth feel cold and hot. Redemption can be obtained. Mixing honey with vinegar and making buds strengthens the gums; Boil a five-inch piece of Arjun’s bark in water and filter the water. Applying this water in the morning and evening will make the teeth strong, shiny and will not cause bad breath. To keep the gums healthy, it is important to have proper blood circulation between the teeth and around the gums. Mix two drops of mustard oil and a pinch of salt on the teeth and it will make the teeth shine. To make the teeth shiny, clean the teeth with neem bark. Applying lemon juice on the teeth removes the accumulated dirt. Brushing with papaya cures gingivitis. To strengthen the teeth, mix alum in the head and honey and cook and thicken. Then apply it on the teeth in the morning and evening and rinse well after a few minutes. The teeth will become strong and shiny. Take care of the food and try. The diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Using raw salad, apples, sugarcane can exercise the gums.


Avoiding tobacco not only stains teeth and makes the breath stink, but can also lead to complications such as gum damage and throat cancer. Avoid too much sugar or fenugreek. Chocolates, candies and sugary drinks are also unpopular with physicians these days. They also increase the amount of acid in the mouth, which eventually leads to tooth decay. Teeth are made by nature to chew food, so take care of them, leave them as “teeth”, do not make tools to open any kind of lid, etc. Also, do not try to cut, tear or tear such things with them. For which there are separate tools. Bleeding from the gums while brushing teeth is not a good sign. You should consult a dentist first. Precautions and the use of a few everyday items at home can also help a lot in overcoming tooth and gum pain.

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