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Diet will be without compromising on health

Without compromising on health, you will eat all the foods that are very attractive in your offering. They are also tasty and cannot be judged. Who says that vegetable ghee and desi ghee cause weight gain. You should prepare food in Dalda VTF. You will easily achieve the goal of not gaining weight. Along with desi ghee, olive oil can also be used. Dalda olive oil is also included in the range. Also add fresh olives to your routine diet.

Avoid farm chickens and use curry in native chickens and chickens. Even if weight gain or obesity is not your problem, it is important to take precautionary measures against diseases such as diabetes, PCOS and high blood pressure. Cook as much as is enough for two meals a day so that fresh food can be eaten. By heating them for the third and fourth time, the harmful effects increase. If there are vegetables, they become darker in color and Nitrate can be converted into harmful health chemicals and cause cancer in the body. It is important to remember that vegetables Chlorophyll is green in color and is caused by orange or red beta-carotene. It also contains flavonoids that are lost due to overheating. Yours one meal at a time should not exceed 1200 calories. It is recommended to eat whole wheat flour because it contains fiber and it reduces the risk of cancer. Mix half a cup of apple juice with half a cup of beetroot juice and drink it. If the sour taste feels bad, it can be drunk with a teaspoon of honey. Women and men who have stomach irritation or digestive problems should drink the seeds soaked in boiling water or fresh milk. In addition to pulses, include beans in cereals.

These are also anti-cancer foods. Eat less red meat. Cow’s and camel’s milk contains both nutrients and energy. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids because they are polyunsaturated fatty acids that convert excess cholesterol in the human body into gall acids. In this way, the amount of cholesterol in the body does not increase. Omega 3 fatty acids increase the immunity of the human body. It is good to eat watermelon and melon to prevent kidney disease. In addition to vitamins and minerals, excess water in them is also useful. Drinking ten glasses of water a day also keeps the weight in moderation. Small packets of chips and popcorn can be eaten. There is a risk of storing more calories than eating large packets. Once used oil should not be reused as it contains Hyperoxidation Ingredients which can cause cancer in the body. But there is no need to compromise on the taste and flavor of the food while using the Hessian diet. Pizza, pasta and burgers are also made and eaten with a certain balance and moderation. White meat and vegetables are used in these foods. These plant proteins are not harmful to health. There is no need to give up the habit of eating sweets, but chocolate bananas are also one of the heart-warming foods. It is advisable to consume carbohydrates and fats in specific amounts and in moderation. If you eat carefully, the day is not far when your body will become extremely active as a fat burning machine.

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