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Eat citrus fruit

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Along with vegetables, fruits have their own importance for health and well-being. Fruits are not a luxury or an unnecessary waste but they are a part of the diet. Numerous vitamins and minerals in them are used as a shield against the changing weather. For example, we do not drink much water in winter and justify it by not feeling thirsty.

This justification is illogical because water keeps the body’s metabolic system active. Consumption of fruits and vegetables also allows water to enter the body. Let’s see what are the nutritional benefits of the fruits that nature has given us in winter. In addition to water, fruits contain protein, beta-carotene, vitamins C, B6, calcium, iron, potassium, fats and carbohydrates. The special winter fruits are lemons or strawberry fruits. But sangtra, malt, seasonal, grapefruit and canoe are special gifts of this season. They are rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and lemon nodes. It is important to remember that low levels of vitamin C in the blood increase the risk of heart disease. Other physical ailments such as gum damage, immunity. The risk of diseases such as colds, flu, gastrointestinal diseases and cancer can also increase. These fruits protect against kidney diseases.

Lemonene and Hesperidin are abundant in Malta. They complete the process of cleansing the stomach and intestines. They protect against cancer as much as possible. Both vitamins B6 and C are powerful in cannabis. It has the properties of building immunity against the common complaints of winter season. It cures anemia in the body and also improves the digestive system. Its juice contains 50% vitamin C. Both natural sweeteners and ascorbic acid are found in the season. It is a fruit that eliminates the risk of high blood pressure and stroke in case of obesity. Grapefruit contains Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Flavonoids and Lemonoids. The latter are both nutritious antioxidants that protect the body from various diseases. This fruit is an elixir for diabetics because it lowers glucose levels. If eaten regularly, it can reduce the risk of gastric and lung cancer. Since all stress fruits help in lowering bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, they are anti-cancer fruits, so this sour fruit should be included in the diet on a daily basis.

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