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Exercise and youth rejuvenation

For the past 50 years, Ahmed Khan has been smoking three packs of cigarettes (60 cigarettes) a day, resulting in severe shortness of breath and high blood pressure. He has recently given up smoking on medical advice. He is 77 years old, but at the insistence of his doctor, he has also started exercising, the benefits of which are beginning to be established and he is starting to feel so good that he is beginning to consider himself a 35-year-old. In this day and age, exercise is becoming more and more popular in the West for people of all ages.

The benefits of exercise for older people have been confirmed by research that shows that regular daily exercise slows down the process of eating. It is possible that the damage done by neglecting one’s health over the years can be remedied, that is, the return of Shabab or at least the recovery of health can be done. In an old people’s home in a western country, when the elderly were persuaded to exercise after insistence, it was welcomed that even people over the age of 90 began to feel stronger after exercise. Their muscle size also increases, leading to the conclusion that muscle weakness and thinness that comes with old age is not irreversible, because these exercises bring back the lost strength and size of the muscles. Can The benefits of exercise are amazing in young people, as they can increase their muscle strength by 200% and their size by 15% with exercise. All this information may seem unbelievable, but it is an undeniable fact. Leg exercises can increase the strength of the legs and if the exercise is maintained, this energy can be maintained. An 88-year-old woman has gained so much strength from exercise and walking that she can now easily walk one mile a day and feel very good. All this research and experience proves that exercise and walking Walking is not only good for the heart and body, but also good for the body’s mold and bones.

Exercise slows down the aging and aging process and relieves bone, joint and muscle pain. One patient reported that she suffered from severe joint pain and could not walk until she had soaked her joints in lukewarm water every morning. She dragged herself when she started exercising. Yes, but after exercise and exercise, it has become very light, but it has deteriorated. Therefore, there is no doubt that exercise increases strength in people of all ages and the body comes to moderation in maintaining the balance of the body. And these old people, who could not even move before, are now so stubborn that their lazy contemporaries cannot compete with them. Exercise can not only prevent, but also cure diseases. It makes the body move faster and faster, helps in maintaining good health and makes it easier to live with chronic diseases. People who have “bypass” (surgical) One type, in which the resistance or obstruction is removed by inserting an alternative vein), they also benefit from exercise and stay healthy. There is now no doubt that the treatment of chronic diseases should not rely on drugs alone, but non-medicinal methods such as exercise, etc., must be tried, because in the majority of drugs and exercise combined strategy. It can be very useful, for example, to treat high blood pressure not only with medication, but also to change the lifestyle, ie reduce salt in the diet, quit smoking, make exercise a motto, moderate the pace of life. Adopt and avoid running buggy like rats.

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