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Fruit juices and bright prospects for death

Fruit juices, no matter how naturally prepared they may be, do not rule out the presence of sugar in them. Repeated research has shown that people who are more eager to drink fruit juices are more likely to die.

Occurs more quickly and has more diseases than the general population. A recent study in the United States found some new evidence. The study looked at 13,400 American adults and found that “Every additional 12 ounces of adult beverages consumed daily increases the chances of death by 24%,” the article said. “This does not mean that juices are the cause of death, but that the other factors involved were the reason for the research, taking into account their health and their diet.” Also keep in mind that there has been a lot of research on this for a long time and evidence has been gathered about the effects of these juices on your body. In addition, to make them more palatable, We add as much extra sugar as is found in a can of soda. We drink soda or sugar solution in the form of juice and it can never be a substitute for the natural nutrients that are found in real fruit. In addition, research has shown that drinking fruit juices makes us feel hungry faster and more because we basically drink only a solution of sugar and water, and no Neither proteins nor fats are included.

Experts say that prolonged consumption of juices can lead to problems such as inflammation, insulin resistance, diabetes and accumulation of fat in the abdomen, and that you can burn as many calories as you want without sacrificing any kind of nutrition. We only gain weight by accumulating it, so it is better to make fruit juices a part of your diet and move towards a healthier life instead.

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