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Healthy leaves

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Grind fenugreek leaves, mix lemon juice in it and apply it on the hair and wash it after one hour. It keeps the hair long, soft and black. If you apply the same on the face, the face gets rid of pimples. Drinking 6 grams of fresh juice of the same leaves can cure diseases like diabetes. Drinking the juice of gram leaves cleanses the stomach and protects against heat. Boiling and drinking basil and celery leaves relieves cough and sore throat.

Eating radish leaves stops hiccups. Make ashes by burning the leaves of pomegranate. Mix a little coconut oil in it and make it as an ointment. Boiling neem leaves in water and taking a bath cures diseases quickly. Grinding these leaves and eating its sauce removes boils, pimples and pimples and also clears the blood. Drinking peach leaf water is useful to kill stomach worms. Grinding guava leaves and drinking it with water cures dysentery. Grinding the leaves of duckweed greens and applying it in place of hot swelling, the swelling dissolves. It is also useful for relieving itching. Boiling berry leaves in water and washing the scalp with this water gives strength to the hair and also removes scalp. Eating spinach helps in proper digestion and also relieves urinary irritation.

Gargling with its water and drinking it with sugar also relieves sore throat. Betel leaves are useful in cough and inhalation as mucus if taken with melathi powder. In addition, it is dissolved by boiling betel with oil and tying it on boils. Similarly, tying it on the chest is useful in children’s cough. Grinding herbs in vinegar and applying it on the abdomen and pelvis makes it easier to excrete urine and menstruation. They are also useful for scenting clothes and protecting them from insects. Cassava is a treasure trove of many virtues. Grind its fresh leaves, mix it with water, put it on fire and boil it. Then filter the water and use it. Mixing mulberry syrup in this water and gargling gives much relief in sore throat, stomach inflammation, liver inflammation, Drinking this water is very useful in spleen, jaundice and urticaria. Grinding the leaves and applying it on the sore and swollen area is very beneficial. Grinding henna leaves and applying it on hands and soles removes inflammation. Boiling and feeding the leaves of Mako like chicory leaves is beneficial in liver inflammation, stomach inflammation and spleen inflammation, and gargling with the decoction of its leaves relieves tongue inflammation and diphtheria. Boiling coriander leaves and gargling with its water relieves mouth sores and inflammation. To stop hemorrhage, dissolve camphor in this water and drip it in the nose, it will be beneficial. Mixing sugar in its water and feeding it helps in sleep and quenches thirst. It also reduces heartburn. Drinking mint leaf extract is beneficial in cholera. Applying it on the bite site of scorpion, beetle etc. absorbs the poison, which relieves the pain

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