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Heel pain

Coming to the office as usual last year, when the minibus approached my bus stop and I reached the door to get off, the conductor saw another minibus of the same route coming from behind and shouted, “Babu, hurry up, now we have this.” The bus will not stop at the stop. ”The driver slowed down a bit and I jumped out of the bus. The emphasis was on the left leg. A wave of pain ran through my whole body. Similarly, limping, I reached the office and started working.

The effect of the heel injury did not go away till evening. He went home and rested and thought that he would recover by morning, but the pain seemed to have settled in his heel. He consulted the doctor. Give the medicine to be applied. Sky etc. was suggested, but the pain did not decrease in any way, but it started increasing. Also tried home remedies for pain and injury, such as mango, turmeric and aloe vera. Once again, after consulting a doctor, he suspected diabetes and asked for a urine test and X-ray. It is found that the bone in the heel has increased. In modern medical terminology, it is called SPUR. It is a pointed bone like a bird’s beak. The same tip of the bone was biting into the flesh and causing pain. The doctor said that there are two treatments for it, but there are three. One is that the bone should be cut by having an operation done by an orthopedic surgeon. The third is to take specific injections in the heel. The third is to take a bath with it. When I promised another treatment, he said that it will definitely be beneficial, but the weight will increase. Because this is a risk factor for cortisone vaccine. Enlarged heel bone is a common complaint nowadays. It usually affects people over 50 years of age with heavy body, who have to work standing up.

Men are more prone to it than women and This problem rarely occurs in both heels, ie the bone of only one heel grows. It would be appropriate to say here that there are 62 bones in a human foot. The heel bone is the largest and strongest of them. This bone carries the weight of the whole body for hours. During work, walking, running and lifting weights, it is under great pressure and weight. People with heavy bodies cause more weight on their own. Similarly, this problem is very common in athletes. Heel pain is most prevalent in the morning. As soon as you take the first step when you wake up, a wave of pain rises with great intensity and decreases after a few steps, but slows down when walking, running and lifting weights. It keeps biting. Sometimes the pain spreads to the entire heel and extends to the ankle, causing severe pain to the patient, including pain in the lower leg and back. Many players in tennis, football and golf are unable to play with the pain. These sports have a direct effect on the heel, so the pain increases. It has been noted in this regard. That wearing high heels makes the heel comfortable.

Why does pain occur?

There are a number of reasons for this, including improper footwear, foot pressure and flat feet. Injuries also affect the heel bone. Sometimes arthritis also causes a difference in the heel bone. Malignant diseases, such as gonorrhea, can also cause heel pain, although this is rare. In some people, stiffness or spasms in the ankles and claws in the feet, which affect the gait, also cause a burden on the heel. This problem is more common in obese men. In case of stiffness or spasm of the toe bones, the patient’s gait improves and thus the pain in the heel is reduced. One of the cases of this is that the heel in the shoe The pain is also reduced. One of the cases of this is to put a rubber or foam mattress under the heel in the shoe. Similarly, if this problem is due to tight and stiff shoes, then the use of such shoes should be stopped, especially the players should stop playing for a few days and ski with hot water, etc. In the beginning, only these measures can be beneficial.

Enlarged bone

Sometimes the heel bone grows. This tip of the bone is two to five millimeters long. The question is how does this bone grow. This protrusion is actually the result of the accumulation of lime or calcium near the fibers that connect the muscles of the heel. This protrusion of the bone is actually an extension of the heel bone. Is, which is pointed like a nail or a bird’s beak. Physicians can easily detect it, but in this regard, an accurate diagnosis is made by X-ray and any doubt about the nature of the pain. No more Treatment of osteoporosis is not possible with just the above few measures, ie you cannot get permanent relief from painkillers, lotions, massages or scissors etc. My doctor also prescribed painkillers and then surgery. One of the cures for this ailment is cocaine or cortisone injections. Modern medicine considers surgery to be the only cure, but homeopathy is the cure. It is appropriate and useful to seek treatment from a specialist homeopath. Heel pain is very painful. In view of its various causes, proper diagnosis and proper treatment are very important.

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