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How to prevent cancer?

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If the cancer is diagnosed in time

 This increase in cells can lead to many disorders in the body. For example, pressure, obstruction of blood supply to an organ, inactivation of the organs by pressure. The symptoms of cancer appear late. And this disease has its roots within itself. Strengthens, CT scan diagnoses cancer, common symptoms include persistent cough, bleeding, changes in voice, difficulty breathing or wheezing, and periodic weight loss.

Lung cancer can be accompanied by coughing up blood, but since this is also a symptom of TB, caution is required to seek the advice of a specialist surgeon. But another possible cause is allergic asthma and other respiratory problems. If the sound stops or changes in any way, there is a risk that someone is affecting the tumor.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. This can be a sign of cancer, especially with rapid weight loss in the short term.

What is Io Mutual?

Biopsy is the removal of a small or large piece from the affected part of the body for the final diagnosis of any type of cancer. This is how the disease is diagnosed. It checks for cancer cells under a microscope. CT scans are also important because they are not treated on the basis of suspicion. Biopsy does not spread the disease. It is a diagnostic test and This is important because if not treated in time, it can spread to other parts of the body. If the tumor has not spread, it is an early stage. At this time the patient undergoes surgery ie if the tumor is limited in its space and less than 3 cm then surgery will be recommended. After which the chances of recovery increase and the patient can lead a normal life like normal people. But if the tumor has spread, then chemotherapy is the only solution. This treatment includes both injections and medications that are given to patients at appropriate intervals.

Side effects of chemotherapy

In this case, the first priority is to prevent the patient from dying, so chemotherapy is given regardless of the side effects. These side effects include hair loss, loss of blood cells, various infections, etc. However, The effects are temporary, they can be overcome after treatment. In the past, chemotherapy was very painful and the success rate was low, but over time, medical science has become more innovative. Chemotherapy is now considered the best treatment for all types of cancer patients. The third method of treating cancer is radiation therapy in which the cancer cells are killed by radiation. If this stage is not treated even then the death of the patient can happen in a few months. The fourth treatment for cancer is immune therapy. The answer is a highly developed treatment. Its medications are also extremely effective.


There is an urgent need to lead a cautious life to prevent lung and other types of cancer. Immediate steps should also be taken to curb the growing trend of smoking and smoking in educational institutions. Eat foods rich in vitamin A. This vitamin protects the body against various cancers. Fish, liver, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, carrots, radishes, turnips, spinach, fenugreek, greens, pumpkins, tomatoes, mangoes, sorghum. Are necessary. Vitamin C has an excellent ability to detect and destroy free radicals in the blood. Vitamin E, such as walnuts, chickpeas, almonds and its oil, and sunflower oil have the ability to protect the body from the dangers of diseases such as heart and cancer. Eat at least 3 different kinds of fruits daily and use more vegetables and pulses in your diet. Eat less red meat. It is better to eat more fish meat.

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