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Take a deep breath

Digestive health is important for good physical and mental health. Some people eat or chew something throughout the day, it often causes indigestion. Foods that are not digested, yeast rises which Can cause many diseases. Breathing speeds up the digestive process. It is also a way to improve digestion to breathe better. This process not only relaxes the digestive system but also relaxes the mind.

Fifteen to twenty minutes of deep breathing increases the efficiency of the various glands connected to the digestive system. It improves digestion and relaxes the nerves. The digestive system begins in the mouth, where saliva enters the digestive tract. It is a juice that digests saliva, which helps in digestion of food. From where the food enters the soft and moist esophagus. The esophagus is connected to the stomach. The upper part of the digestive tract is irregular. Irregularity of this part can lead to increased acidity, constipation and indigestion. The stomach is connected to the small intestine. The function of the middle part of the digestive tract is to absorb food after digestion and to incorporate it into the blood. This part of the middle canal contains large organs such as the liver and liver. Creates an imbalance of excretion. This can lead to diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease. The small intestine receives digested food elements and absorbs them into the walls. Dysentery, etc. are the result of poor functioning of the lower part of the esophagus.

Breathing exercises

The diaphragm allows you to take deep breaths which relieves confusion and tension. For this, lie down comfortably. Leave the body relaxed. Breathe in and out about eleven times (inhale and exhale). Relax the internal organs of the abdomen. Then slowly bend the left crotch. Bend the knees. Place the left hand under the head, place the right hand on the right leg or do as you wish. Inhale and exhale 21 times in this manner. If you lie on your left side, there will be floor pressure on the abdomen. Massage will be done internally inside the abdomen. This will help digestion as the abdomen will be in the shape of C. Now lie on your back. Breathe again 21 times in this manner, then lie down on your right side and breathe again 21 times. Finally, slowly turn to the left and breathe seven times, then slowly get up and sit down. Exercise will make the body lighter and more relaxed. If the following exercises are done three times a week and continue for three weeks, then you get in the habit of breathing properly and it has the best effect on the body. Experts say that the first thing to do is to learn to breathe slowly and deeply through the nose and take it to the place where the abdomen and the chest meet, instead of the chest. Do an exercise for this. Sit flat on the floor or sit on a chair and keep your back straight. Leave the body relaxed, take a deep breath through the nose while keeping the shoulders relaxed, and keep your hands on the lower ribs to note it. Inhale and note that the abdomen moves forward while the ribs move sideways. Note the movements of the chest, shoulders and abdomen while breathing. Now close your eyes and focus on your inner self and breathe in. Close your eyes while breathing and open your eyes when you exhale. This will improve the exercise. ۔ For this breathing exercise, straighten the upper back, bend the shoulders back and forth, bring your arms and hands in a relaxed and comfortable position, and press the tongue to the palate. When sitting, lift the chin so that it is aligned with the floor. Breathe deeper and deeper, lengthen the breathing process so that the abdomen is pressed towards the waist and the diaphragm continues to converge. Continue this exercise and take deep and sometimes deep breaths. Get up every morning and note the way you breathe, count from one to five when you breathe in and count as many times as you exhale, so that you breathe all day long. Will remain a habit.

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