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The main disease is obesity

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Obesity is a physical condition of the human body in which body fat builds up, weight gain and bloating occur. To date, experts have not been able to give a satisfactory answer to the question why some people are obese. There have been many studies on obesity or weight gain. Every time a new cause comes to light. Most people believe that a person’s lifestyle, eating habits, sitting, sleeping and not exercising all the time leads to weight gain and obesity. However, it has also been observed that the world There are some people in me who eat all kinds of food, do not do any X-ray including sitting for a long time but still they do not suffer from obesity. Obesity certainly causes many problems.

Obesity is also a leading cause of death in developed countries, including developing countries. It is estimated that 70% of the world’s population is currently obese and overweight. While people prefer to go hungry for a long time to lose weight, they also do different X-ray sizes. It has also been observed that some people become obese despite eating less food and taking X-rays. The question arises as to why this happens and how and by what means a person becomes obese. Every person’s body is different. Everyone’s ability to absorb nutrients and distribute food throughout the body is also unique. We all know how to gain weight. We start gaining weight when we start eating more calories than we need, but why do we start eating too much? Because sometimes it happens that suddenly eating too many high calorie things like chocolate or cake becomes severe. The demand is felt. However, we know that after a while we will regret it. Obesity always results in overeating. (If there is no disease). If the energy of the food we eat is more than the energy consumed daily, then this excess amount accumulates in our body in the form of fat and causes weight gain. Therefore, it is better to do proper exercise along with it. Experts have also found evidence that stress is a major cause of obesity.

When we are under a lot of stress, our sleep is bad, so we feel more hungry and only after eating something we get relief and our blood sugar level is also affected. Some more causes of obesity Smoking is said to affect respiration, which reduces oxygen consumption. As a result, appetite increases and weight gain begins. Some families carry unhealthy genes that increase appetite. Some family habits affect eating habits and lead to obesity. Sometimes it happens unknowingly and sometimes it has some causes and it is also a result of one’s own mistake. The most important thing is how to lose weight if the body is overweight. Can be done The most difficult step is to lose weight. It is relatively easy to lose weight. 90% of people suffer from this disease by mistake. It is not only called a disease but it is also called ‘Umm Al-Maraaz’. It is also called obesity. If you become obese, you may also suffer from asthma. It can be a problem for the heart. What should be done to avoid obesity? From what we eat and drink, we need to know how much food our body needs. When we are hungry, we should eat. When we are a little hungry, we should stop eating. This is such a big rule that this rule People who adopt are very symmetrical, agile, agile, very agile. All their senses work perfectly and they do not get tired. A healthy person, no matter how much he weighs, needs about 2,000 calories a day. A man who knows he needs 2,000 calories but does a job in which he sits in the office all day or a job in which there is not much hard work, on the other hand a laborer picks up sacks, shovels on the streets or Plowing in the fields, he will need more calories than the first person, and he has to meet his 2,000 calories, but most of us women usually do not work very hard. After working for an hour or two at home, they have to rest. The sign of hard work is that the body starts sweating and the pulse rate increases, the speed of breathing increases. In this case, we can say Whether more energy or more calories were consumed. Take your weight in pounds and multiply by 12 to find out how many calories you need to consume in a day. If the weight of 100 pounds is multiplied by 12, the answer is 1200. That means you have to consume 1200 calories in a day. If you use your calories to lose weight, you will lose weight. For men. Women will reduce their calorie intake by 6%. That means they need 1128 calories for 100 pounds. If a person weighs 100 pounds and needs 1200 calories, he should eat 1000 calories in the first 20 to 15 days. 200 calories.if you want any product about lose Fett you can click here :

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