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Walnuts cause heart problems and lower cholesterol

Omega is good for the heart and arteries if you don’t eat oily fish. Instead of being able to get fats called 3, make it a habit to eat a handful of walnuts a day instead. Research by Dr. Sheila, a researcher at Pennsylvania State University, has shown that eating walnuts undoubtedly keeps blood cholesterol levels in check. Speaking at a conference on hardening of the arteries in San Francisco, Dr. Sheila described Omega. An important fat found in 3 is “Alpha-Linolenic Acid”, which reduces the pain of the heart. An important feature of it is that it lowers the levels of heart-related proteins and bad cholesterol (LDL). These two main components cause discomfort.

During the study, 13 people with high blood cholesterol were fed three different foods for six weeks, with a two-week break between each meal. One of these diets had a higher average fat content, which is usually higher in a cholesterol diet. The other two types of food had the same amount of fat, but they had less saturated fat (non-solid fat) and more animal fat. Some people were given vegetable fat instead of animal fat, while others were given omega. The 3rd diet was given more. People who ate foods high in unsaturated fats got half the amount of animal fat as well as half the amount of fat from walnut oil and its kernels. They were given a quarter cup of walnuts, kernels and a teaspoon of walnut oil. More omega. The 3-course diet included walnut kernels and walnut oil, as well as linseed oil. At the end of the experiment, the subjects underwent a 12-hour period, after which the changes in their arteries were examined by ultrasound. The purpose was to assess their potential heartache. Their blood cholesterol levels were also monitored. According to Dr. Sheila’s report, people who were fed vegetable fats instead of animal fats had better blood cholesterol levels, but those who were given more fat called “alfalinolenic acid” had more arterial damage. Performance was much better. This type of fat has had encouraging results compared to other foods. This diet not only improved the arteries, but also increased their performance seven times. Dr. Sheila said that apart from the above research, other research reports have proved that walnut kernel and its killer are very useful for the heart and arteries.

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