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What tomatoes good for ?

Americans call tomatoes the “cause of love.” Tomatoes are a vegetable to us, but botanists call them a fruit. Tomatoes have a unique feature in the world of plants. They didn’t eat tomatoes because they thought they were poisonous. The notion of tomatoes being poisonous came about because the tomato plant belongs to the nightshade family and some plants in that family are really poisonous.

Are The pungent and pungent odor of its leaves and stems reinforced the idea that it was not suitable for eating vegetables. The English word “tomato” is originally “tomato” which was used for tomatoes in the Mexican language. From ancient times the people of Mexico have grown and eaten tomatoes as a vegetable. Other names discovered by other European explorers were “tomato”, “tomatal” and “tomataso”. Tomatoes, originally from Mexico, were grown in their wild form in the region of Pro Ecuador, Bolivia, India. Cultivated tomatoes were transported from the Indian subcontinent to Central America some 2,000 years ago. The first known documentary record of the tomato dates back to 1554, when European writers mentioned seeing it in distant places such as southern Europe, Italy and France. They were the first Europeans to eat tomatoes. Americans still ran away from it and looked at it with suspicion. Finally, a French immigrant introduced tomatoes to the United States in 1789. Thomas Jefferson, an American inventor, was a big fan of tomatoes and grew a large crop of tomatoes on his farm in Virginia. The tomato plant is a member of the Selanaceae family, to which capsicum, potato, and eggplant belong, and it grows well in the Mediterranean climate and often in normal soils.

This fruit (it is called a vegetable only because it is widely used in cooking) is sown from late summer to early autumn. Middle Eastern tomatoes are usually large and tall or thick and round. They range in color from greenish red to bright red and since they are grown in the right conditions and the climate is very suitable for their growth, they are full of tasty juices and sweet. Turkey is one of the largest producers of tomatoes. Tons of tomatoes are exported from here every year. For this, a large quantity of tomatoes is stored in tons or converted into commercial tomato paste. They are also dried for export. Freshly chopped tomatoes that are fragrant are the best. But most of the tomatoes that are meant to be sold are kept in the refrigerator for several days. Whatever the color, shape or size of the tomato, always buy solid and hard peeled tomatoes and keep it in a cool place. Ton pack of tomatoes and tomatoes. If the paste is not opened, it can be kept for a long time. If it is opened once, then it must be used in a few days. Dried tomatoes are in good condition in airtight containers or olive oil. Once considered poisonous, tomatoes are now widely used around the world in the form of salads, juices, pastes and sauces. The best tomato paste is still made in Italy. As far as the nutritional value of tomatoes is concerned, in addition to vitamins A and C, it also contains a lot of phosphorus and iron. Of course, tomatoes may not be as popular as onions, but there are very few people who dislike tomatoes, and Lord Mountbatten is one of them. Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of Burma and India, disliked tomatoes. He didn’t like the taste of the tomato, nor its color, nor its shape. As soon as he saw the tomato, he would say, “How can people eat such nonsense?” The role of tomatoes in cooking is unlimited. It blends well with herbs, onions, garlic, eggplant, peppers, pulses, cereals, meat and fish.

The list is long. And it provides juice. It binds onion, garlic and chilli in stuffing and filling. It also combines similar ingredients in some egg dishes. Various tomato-based rice dishes are served with some herbs, grilled or roasted meat and poultry with other potatoes or eggplants. Large juicy round tomatoes are often baked or salted in water. It is boiled like an egg is boiled. It is filled with a mixture of fragrant rice or minced meat. Go Raw tomatoes are also so sweet and refreshing that they are often added to vegetables, cereals or pulses and salads. The pulp is extracted and used in noodles for sauces or pasta or in meatballs. Pepper, garlic, coriander and cumin are mixed to make it spicy and sour pomegranate or grape syrup is added to taste the fruit. Tomato paste is added to stews and pulses and rice dishes and it combines spices into raw meat. Tomato paste is also used in a delicious Arabic flatbread.

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