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Brain Hemorrhage : what is the symptoms of brain hemorrhage ?

All the organs of our body are very important in their own place and it is difficult to live a healthy life without the correctness of any one of them. However, the heart and the brain hemorrhage are among the most important organs. The catastrophic consequences do not take long to unfold. The most prominent example of this type of disorder is brain hemorrhage. It is a dangerous type of stroke in which our other organs are unable to function. And sometimes the patient goes to the brink of death.

What is a brain hemorrhage?

As the name implies, in this medical condition, blood begins to flow inside the brain. This is because an artery in the brain ruptures, causing the blood to flow to the brain. Begins to accumulate in this particular part of. This condition is called hematoma in medical terms. Bleeding also causes the surrounding tissues to become inflamed. Blood clots and swelling of the tissues increase the pressure on this part of the brain and make it difficult for blood to reach other parts of the brain, which causes brain cells to die after losing oxygen. When they start to disappear, the part of the brain that controls them stops working. After a stroke, the patient’s vision, hearing, mobility, memory, facial features and much more are affected. May be. If a large part of the brain or the most important part of the brain dies due to an artery rupture, then the patient dies.

Symptoms of brain hemorrhage

Symptoms of bleeding inside the scalp appear very quickly, which are as follows. Sudden severe headache. Gradually increasing neurological impairments such as numbness in the body, impaired mobility, numbness of the hands and feet, impaired speech and vision, difficulty in understanding and comprehending speech. Vomiting and nausea. Seizures and coma. After examining the patient, the doctor looks at the symptoms to determine which part of the brain is affected, but also to see if there is blood clots or accumulation inside the brain. RI can also be suggested. Nerve examination of the eyes can also be done to see if the optic nerve is swollen. There may also be a need for a blood test and a lumbar puncture examination of the spinal cord.

Causes of bleeding

There are several causes of bleeding in the brain. The most common cause of bleeding in the brain in people under the age of fifty may be a severe head injury. Another cause of brain hemorrhage may be high blood pressure. If a patient suffers from high blood pressure for a long time, the inner walls of the blood vessels in the brain become weak and when the blood pressure suddenly rises further, this artery ruptures. In some cases, the weakened inner walls of the blood vessels become swollen. This medical condition is called aneurysm. When these raised rashes erupt, blood begins to accumulate inside the brain and the effects of paralysis appear. Seem to happen. Internal defects in the blood vessels, hemophilia and brain tumors can also cause bleeding inside the brain.

Risks of brain hemorrhage

According to the American Heart Association, a stroke caused by a brain hemorrhage is more dangerous than a stroke caused by a clot in an artery that carries blood to the brain. However, it is reassuring to know that brain hemorrhage is the cause of only one out of every five strokes. Brain cells, once dead, cannot be replaced by new cells like other cells in the body.

Is salvation possible?

In the case of a brain haemorrhage, immediate action is needed to save a patient’s life. This type of patient is treated not only with medication but also with emergency surgery. The best way to prevent this is for people with high blood pressure to try to control their blood pressure. People who have been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm should seek treatment before they explode. In this way, it may be possible to prevent a possible death from a brain hemorrhage, although accidental or non-sudden head injuries cannot be prevented However, high blood pressure can be controlled, so try to take high blood pressure medication regularly. A healthy diet and exercise can also help keep blood pressure normal.

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