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What Are The Basic Nutrition Guidelines For Good Health?

The Basic Nutrition Guidelines

Toady we write about The Basic Nutrition Guidelines For Good Health .

Our diet consists of many nutrients, which are essential for a healthy and parallel life, and all of these components perform their functions within the synthetic body if one of these components is deficient. The result can be any disease. For example, carbohydrates are obtained from grains, wheat, rice, fruits and other commodities such as corn and barley.

It is important to eat grains. This ingredient has the status of fuel. It should be noted that when a grain of grain enters the body, it is converted into glucose. The most sensitive organ is the brain, which cannot survive more than 20 minutes without glucose and goes into a coma, which is why diabetics are advised to consume carbohydrates after insulin, otherwise they may coma or faint. can.

The second most important component of the human diet is protein, which means that proteins play an important role not only in the formation of muscles in the body but also in the production of hormones in the liquid state.

What are the 4 Guidelines for healthy eating?

1. Vitamins are also fuels

The Basic Nutrition Guidelines

Vitamins are an essential group for human diet without which the concept of parallel diet is incomplete. The four most important vitamins are D, C, B, A. Vitamin A is obtained from animal fats and oils. Children should be given fish oil or capsules made from it, this vitamin is essential for the formation and repair of all the membranes of the human body, ie the inner intestine from the outer skin.

The outer layer of the eye, from the cornea to the inner layer of the retina, is also essential for good health. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to night blindness. If children complain of not being able to see at night. Get them examined immediately and give them the medicines and supplements prescribed by the doctor. Nowadays, vitamin A capsules are also being given to children along with the polio vaccine.

Sunflower products contain vitamins A and D, so such oils should be purchased for daily use.

2. How is it possible to get protein?

The Basic Nutrition Guidelines

Protein is naturally available to us in the form of plant sources ie pulses and vegetables and can also be obtained in the form of animal sources ie meat. In fact, it is the best protein but it should not be consumed in excess. Cells cause heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

3. Vitamins B and C

The Basic Nutrition Guidelines

If you feed your family fresh vegetables and fruits such as canoe and tomato, then they should not be deficient in vitamins. All stress fruits are the most effective source of vitamin C along with various minerals.

4. Vitamin D

The Basic Nutrition Guidelines

It is also found in animal fats and oils and its natural source is sunlight. Lack of this vitamin makes children’s bones soft and crooked. This disease is called Ricketts. Our skin develops vitamin D in sunlight. Therefore, this vitamin can be easily obtained by applying sun to the body at certain times of the morning and evening. Even today, children growing up in rural areas are exposed to the body for a while by massaging them with almond or mustard oil. This way the baby does not suffer from vitamin D, but the sun should be a little softer. This strengthens the bones and increases physical strength.

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