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Fast weight loss after pregnancy

Fast weight loss after pregnancy

It is usually difficult for women to fast weight loss after pregnancy and delivery. For which she starts starving and doing strenuous exercise. Which makes women suffer from irritability and irritability. At the same time, they reduce the quantity and quality of breast milk for the newborn. All of these factors are a major cause of postpartum depression in women.

Fast weight loss after pregnancy

According to the American Association of Gynecologists, it is healthy to gain 6-11 kg during pregnancy. Gaining more or less than this can be detrimental to health. Mandatory. Use fruits, vegetables and pulses in the diet. Get rid of appetite instead of fruits and dried fruits instead of fried and junk. Stay close to nature. You will be in good health and later you and your baby will be healthy.

According to the American Association of Nutrition and Dietetics, a woman’s body needs more energy to return to its original shape after delivery. This is because the body has to naturally remove the various changes that take place inside it for 9 months and a small amount of muscle at the time of delivery. In addition to all this, it is necessary to produce milk for the newborn every day.

A mother’s body burns 500 calories a day while making milk. Which a normal person spends 1 hour exercising. A mother needs 2500 calories daily. You can get this energy by having a good and balanced daily diet.

So the better and more balanced your diet is, the sooner your body will return to its old form. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to easily and healthily lose 4-3 kg weight each month and the baby’s feed will not be affected. 1- Take 1 glass of plain honey water. 2- Make breakfast as soon as possible and healthy. 3- Eat 1 egg, 2 seasonal fruits and 3 raw vegetables daily. 4- Make sure to take at least 12 glasses of plain water. 5- Keep the date / roasted gram with you and keep taking it after a while. 6- Eat three meals a day. 7- Use mostly chicken, fish or pulses in curry. Follow these instructions and take special care of yourself and your family.

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