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The benefits of exercise

benefits of exercise

There are many benefits of exercise. It can reduce obesity. Excess body fat can be reduced. Continuous blood is fine. With exercise, a person gains physical vitality and at the same time, the mind also begins to sharpen.

Exercise which is the best way to keep a person healthy and strong. It has a profound effect on our lives. Exercise has been around since ancient times. With the passage of time, there has been an innovation in the way of exercising. Goes to the gym regularly for exercise.

We will illustrate this with an example. Suppose there is a pit of clear water and that water stays in one place, which means that the water is not moving, so what will happen? The water will change its color by hand.

It will start producing foul smelling substances, which will make the water unusable and useless. In the same way, if we do not embrace the thing that is blessed in movement, walk or exercise, we can lose our beauty and longevity by suffering from various diseases. Now, as soon as you hear the word exercise, the question will arise in the minds of most people that maybe going to the gym and doing an activity is called exercise, then it is not so.

Exercise can be done in different ways.

benefits of exercise

1) Walking, whether at home, on the street or in a nearby park, falls into the category of exercise. 2) Children in school who run breaks and play sports, such as football, cricket, hockey, catching each other, that is, all the sports that students run and play, are all the best source of exercise. 3) For those who have a double storey house, going up and down the stairs again and again is a good exercise.

We often see people in distress that their children become obese at an early age and look older than their age. Similarly, women complain of obesity and double chin. There are thousands of such problems that can be caused by exercise or Yoga can be reduced. The benefits of exercise are as follows. 1) Regular exercise solves the problem of shortness of breath.

benefits of exercise

2) The body is beautiful. 3) The bones are strong. Excess body fat can be reduced. 4) Exercise can reduce bloating. 5) Mentally, a person begins to feel calm. 6) Diseases can be prevented to a great extent. 7) Age can be longer than normal posture. When a person stays active, he can live longer due to avoiding diseases. 8) Exercise makes a person look beautiful and attractive. 9) Exercise makes you look younger than your age. 10) Exercise improves blood circulation

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