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How to stay fit and healthy essay ?

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how to stay fit and healthy essay

How to stay fit and healthy essay .A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that 1.4 billion people worldwide are at risk of contracting serious illnesses due to a lack of proper exercise. And enjoying a comfortable life. One-third of women and a quarter of men in countries around the world find themselves in dangerous situations where the risk of diseases such as heart attack, diabetes and cancer is higher.

According to research published in an international health journal, inactivity is leading people to chronic diseases that are not transmitted from one person to another, called non-communicable diseases.

The negative effects of not exercising also affect mental health and quality of life. The World Health Organization recommends that adults who work in offices sit down and do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week.

This includes light running, swimming or cycling. If these exercises are done rigorously, then their duration should be at least 75 minutes per week. In this study, 168 countries around the world since 2016. Of those, 1.9 million have been included. According to researchers, there has been no improvement in human physical activity since 2001.

Dr Regina Guthold, who is involved in the study, says that a quarter of the world’s 1.4 billion adults are currently under-active or under-exercised.

how to stay fit and healthy essay

According to the study, there is a clear difference in the tendency of rich and poor nations to exercise. Similarly, there is a difference in the lifestyle of men and women. The risk of such diseases is twice as high in rich people as in poor countries.۔ According to Regina Guthold, in richer countries people spend more time under the roof, longer office hours, and access to more nutritious food. They also do work that requires less physical exertion. That is why those who do not exercise in these countries are at higher risk of fatal diseases.

how to maintain good health essay

1. Sit less, walk more

how to stay fit and healthy essay

Scientists say that sitting on a regular seat increases the risk of getting sick and dying prematurely. According to researchers, if a person sits in a sitting position for less than 30 minutes, it can improve many things. 

According to experts, a 30-minute walk or movement is necessary after sitting for 30 minutes.

2. Is sitting as harmful as smoking?

how to stay fit and healthy essay

In recent years, sedation has been described as a new form of smoking due to serious medical impairments. It is said that sedation is associated with diseases such as high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.Has a clear relationship with.

3. Increased weakness

According to a scientific report, women who sit for a long time have more physical weakness. Such women need more time to get out of a disease or to heal a wound. Researchers say that this physical damage Can be eliminated.

4. Standing work table

People who work in offices work sitting at a table for a long time. However, office tables are now being introduced that can be used for standing work. However, researchers say that standing in one place does not consume much energy. This version is not very useful.

5. Not all types of sitting are the same

how to stay fit and healthy essay

The effects of different sitting styles are different, but according to scientists, the health effects of sitting in a chair in the office are not the same as watching TV on the sofa at home.

 There has been a strong link between premature death, type 2 diabetes and heart disease due to constant sitting and watching TV.

6. Let’s get up now

The less time you sit, the better your health will be. According to health experts, for better health, it is necessary to increase the heart rate, which is possible with movement. According to the World Health Organization, on a weekly basis.One hundred minutes of regular exercise or 75 minutes of strenuous physical exercise is essential for a healthy life.

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