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How Can We Protect Our Eyes?

Common Eye Complaints

Protect Our Eyes

People ask and Know About there Protect Our Eye in this Dusty Pollution Environment. They are an important sensitive part of the body. Therefore, the slightest neglect of them can cause great damage. Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the retina) is a common eye disease. It is an infection of the frontal membrane of the eye which This infection is common in young and old children and those who use contact lenses.

Bacterial effects cause yellowing of the eyes, which can be treated with antibiotic drops. If the eyes become itchy and runny, there is a possibility of inflammation of the membranes of the eyes due to allergies. This condition usually occurs during Hay Fever.

But it can also happen in other parts of the year.

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To keep the eyes healthy, it is important to provide them with a healthy diet and exercise opportunities.

People who wear glasses should take them off for a while during the day, walk, look at things from afar and up close, and try to look at distant objects with their eyes closed. This makes eye exercise better.
Relax the eyes with the help of the palms of the hands. The way to do this is to sit back and relax.

Place your elbows on the table, join both hands to form a cup-shaped shape, fingers together, now cover both eyes with it. Make sure that the hands do not touch the eyes. Breathe calmly through the nose. Keep the eyes closed calmly and maintain this position until all the light behind the pupils disappears. By the time it is completely dark, your eyes will feel relaxed.
Repeat this process two or three times a day, this process improves vision.

Close your eyes for a second or two and close your eyes and focus your eyes on the card for a second.

Blinking of the eyes is also a light exercise to keep the eyes healthy. There is a small gland in the upper larynx in which the fluid in the eye keeps the eyelids moist. Cleans up.

Protect Our Eyes

Protect Your eyes From Light

A sign of healthy eyes is that they blink more often. The rate of blinking of the eyelids increases in bright light. Are done.

Protect Your eyes From Computer.

It is important to blink your eyes every five seconds. During the study, use the computer and expedite the process in sunlight.

When you lie down on the bed to sleep, relax your eyes, close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to cover the darkness in your eyes.
Physical exercise is useful to further improve vision. The health of the eyes depends on the muscles and organs that supply them with blood. When the physical health is good, the signs of fatigue in the eyes will not be noticeable soon.

Exercising in the open air speeds up the blood circulation, increases the heart’s ability to pump blood. Helps to convey the right message. Therefore, exercise should be done regularly. A walk of at least 30 minutes daily can be useful for eyesight. It is also important to take care of their hygiene for eye health. Water cleanses the eyes. Bathe the eyes thoroughly by pouring cold water in the cup, blink the eyes in the water.

Why are the Whites of my Eyes Red?

Protect Our Eyes

According to Dr. Eric D Domefied, Managing Director of Manhattan Hospital for Eye, Ear, and Throat in London, if a person is under work pressure for 5 minutes three times a day, his eyes will turn red.

If there is irritation and itching in addition to redness in the eyes, it may be due to an allergy or infection, but if there is only redness in the eyes without the condition of inflammation, irritation or itching, then it means pressure and depression. High blood pressure has damaged the delicate and highly sensitive arteries of the eye, causing them to rupture.

Treat Red Eyes

Protect Our Eyes

So avoid keeping your eyes constantly moving during work. Rest your eyes at intervals of 15-20 minutes during work. Keep your eyes closed for 3-4 minutes.

Killing cucumbers or having a used tea bag on the sleepy eyes also gives them relief. In addition, doing this also calms the tense nerves.

According to Dr Dric, if the redness of the eyes persists for more than a week. See a doctor right away as these are all clear signs of loss of vision.

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