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What is the means of walking?

the means of walking

In modern era if you find the means of walking you see lots meaning .In this day and age, man has become very relaxed. Scientific discoveries have reduced the chances of running and hard work. Everything is done easily in a short time. In such cases, the importance of physical exercise is very high. Our elders worked hard, walked miles, farmed and took part in hunting. The women engaged in household chores, grinding mills, cleaning the house and cooking on clay stoves.

That is why the people of old are still in very good health and their bodies are accustomed to hard work. Walking is one of the best exercises we can do to keep our body fit.

Walking is an exercise that thousands of physicians recommend to their millions of patients.
Whether it’s a patient with heart or lung disease or a patient with joint pain and diabetes. In fact, walking not only keeps the body active but also helps in overcoming many complex diseases.

The problem of setting the training at a certain moment in the day is more serious than it appears to be. The choice of the period when we train depends on more factors. 

the means of walking

It’s clear from the start that we cannot consider the period of three hours after every main meal, because this interval must be allotted to digestion only. Considerable physical effort is totally unadvisable in this period (blood must not be directed to the muscles, since gastric digestion has priority).

More exactly, people should train when their stomach is empty, but the level of glycemia must be constant. Considering a normal awake – asleep rhythm, there are two favorable moments when we can set fitness programs and training in general: one in the morning, between 10-12, and the other one in the afternoon, between 16-19.

Current practice in most of the sports confirms these periods as best for training. 

Another argument for choosing one of these intervals for training is the body temperature, which now gets to its maximum. The second period (16-19) is even better than the first one from this point of view, because the temperature is higher and this enhances sport performance. 

Benefits of walkings

the means of walking

Modern research has shown that walking reduces stress. When we exercise or walk, our brain begins to release a certain type of fluid.

This fluid is called “endorphins”. This fluid has a calming effect on the nerves. It makes both our body and mind feel relaxed and relaxed, which is why sleep is so good after a walk. Walking is an easy exercise, it does not require any training program or coaching to start, nor do you experience physical fatigue in the early days of exercise.

Here are some key benefits of walking.

1.It reduces back pain.
2. Lowering the abdomen makes you smarter.
3. This keeps blood pressure normal.
4. Reduces the risk of heart attack.
5. Muscles are strong and body joints are better.
6. Endurance increases.
7. Anxiety and tension are reduced.
8. Slows down the wear and tear of bones.

9. Increases the ability of the limbs to move better.
Lowers bad cholesterol.

People who walk a lot do not need many medicines, such as sleeping pills, medicines to relieve constipation and indigestion and painkillers, etc. Walking strengthens the muscles and tendons of the body. The blood circulation in the body continues completely and easily.
As a result, the load on the heart is reduced. Every small and large part of the body gets enough oxygen. Food is easily digested so there are not many diseases related to the digestive system. The joints of the body are open.

After years of research into the habits of 70,000 men and women, a select team of American health experts has concluded that people who walk and exercise are protected from heart disease and enjoy good health. Are
Dr. Arthur F. Kramer, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, examined 70 pedestrians between the ages of 60 and 80. People who walk not only benefit physically, but their brain nerves become more active. Their memory increases.

the means of walking

“Attention increases and the ability to acquire other knowledge improves. Older people who walk are also in good health.”
Sitting for long periods of time, especially when sitting in the same position, causes fatigue. The joints of the body become stiff. ۔

Modern research has also shown that people who are accustomed to living a sedentary life or sitting for long periods of time begin to lose their mental abilities. Such people must adopt the habit of walking so that their The brain can be active and dynamic. Lynne Miller, a professor at the College of Sports in the United States, explains the benefits of walking:
When a person walks, his ability to hear and see increases. The joints and muscles of the feet are strengthened. It is necessary.”

Walking times

There is no time constraint for a walk, but walking at the following times is medically important.
That is, morning, evening on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed. It can be useful for different people to take a walk at different times.

Take an early morning walk

Morning walk is very useful for improving physical health. People who are overweight, have high blood pressure or heart disease or have high blood cholesterol should take a walk on an empty stomach.

Take a walk in the evening

the means of walking

It is also beneficial to take a walk in the evening.

Take a walk at night before going to bed

People who do not sleep well or have nightmares in their sleep world or have heartburn after eating should take a short walk at night before going to bed. Even people with anxiety can take a short walk at night before going to bed to reduce nervous tension.

The benefits of a beach walk

People who live by the sea, if they start walking on the beach after sunrise and before sunset and continue for fifteen minutes, their body will get a lot of oxygen because at that time The sea air contains very fine oxygen. This walk is especially beneficial for people who have weak lungs or suffer from diseases such as tuberculosis and asthma.
The reduction of red blood cells can also be made possible by such a walk.

Choice of clothing

The choice of clothing for walking or light exercise is also very important. In summer, loose-fitting cotton clothes should be worn and in winter, light but warm clothes should be worn in such a way that the body does not feel the air directly.
It is not advisable to drink cold water immediately after walking from a distance, to pour very cold water on the body. When blood and respiratory rate return to normal, then cold water can be drunk or bath can be taken.

How to walk

When walking or jogging, the body should be straight, the head high and the shoulders behind. Walk long steps in such a way that the arms move freely. Shoes should be very comfortable with a soft sole and heel high.

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