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Seven days diet plan for diabetics

What to eat or not to eat? This is an important question asked by diabetics. Diabetes is a disease that attacks the body due to insufficient or excessive amount of insulin in the body and proper precautions. Lack of treatment can lead to problems such as gradual loss of vision, gradual weight gain, permanent fatigue, memory loss, and ruptured cerebral arteries. Although controlling diabetes is no less of a challenge for these patients, it is not impossible to get rid of the disease to a large extent if regular diet and regular exercise are made a norm. Suggest that if they continue to get a balanced diet such as carbohydrate rates, protein, fat, vitamins and the required amount of calories, it can be much easier to control blood sugar levels. For diabetics, American writer Daniel Dress Dean and registered diamond Natalia Hitler formulate a 7-day, 1,200-calorie diet plan that will help these patients control their diabetes in a short period of time. Contains nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats while restricting saturated fats and sodium which are harmful to the patient’s health.

First Day

Breakfast: Half a cup of oatmeal (half a cup cooked in milk or water), medium-sized potato tea (finely chopped), two walnuts (potato tea and walnuts can be used with oatmeal) AM Snacks: three-quarter cup blueberries, A quarter cup of fat-free yogurt Lunch: two slices of wheat, two tablespoons of green mustard, half a medium-sized apple, two tablespoons of chicken breast without skin, two tablespoons grated cheddar cheese, a cup of seasonal green vegetables ( All of these things can be made into sandwiches.) PM Snacks: Half a medium-sized apple, half a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon Dinner: two and a half cups of weight-loss vegetable soup, goat cheese toast

The second day

 Breakfast: one oatmeal, three quarters cup blueberries, one ounce almonds, one tablespoon balanga seeds Lunch: salad, 2 fresh spinach, two ounces grilled chicken breast, half a cup gram Strawberry sliced carrots, a quarter cup grated carrot, two tablespoons dressing snacks: a peach, a quarter cup taj cheese Dinner with: oatmeal 3/2 cup gun, roasted eggplant, two tablespoons dried tomatoes Take five chopped olives, a tablespoon of vinegar, fresh basil

The third day 

Breakfast: Lunch with half a cup of black beans and a cup of berries to make an egg or two egg daisy omelette (spinach, mushrooms, capsicum, avocado): Promised high-fiber green bread, a tablespoon of Greek yogurt, a tablespoon of mustard, Downs candy with chopped pumpkin carrots, a cup of tomato slices, a small apple Dinner: half a cup of corn and beans, one and a half ounces of corn bread, a tablespoon of butter Downs chicken, half a cup of fresh pineapple.

Fourth day

 Breakfast: Sweet potato toast, one ounce gourd cheese, spinach, one tablespoon linseed Lunch: one ounce roasted chicken, one tablespoon salad dressing, one cup raw cabbage, one cup fresh berries Snack Dinner with yogurt, half a banana: two-thirds cup quinoa (seasonal herb), one cup tofu (a kind of dough made from chopped soybeans), one cup cooked Chinese spinach, one cup steamed flowers Cabbage, 2 tablespoons olive oil

Fifth day 

Breakfast: One-third cup of high-fiber cereal (oatmeal), one-cup berries, one-cup flaxseed with protein. Two tablespoons yogurt dressing, a quarter cup grapes, a tablespoon pumpkin seeds, a quarter cup boiled gram snacks: one cup celery one tablespoon painted dinner with butter: boneless salmon without downs, one medium-sized baked potato one tablespoon Butter, a cup and a half of steamed asparagus

Sixth day

 Breakfast: A cup of low-fat Greek yogurt with mashed bananas, a cup of berries, a cup of balanga lunch. Karam is made by chopping raw raw banana leaves), snacks for two small potato cheeses dressing: one round tomato, 10 small carrots and two tablespoons of hummus Cuisine: Six ounces baked all, one and a half cups steamed broccoli, one tablespoon butter, two-fourths cup strawberries, two ounces grilled meat.

Seventh day 

Breakfast: A cup of cooked oatmeal, a tablespoon of chocolate, a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of butter and a spoonful of balanga. Dinner: Downs salmon, a cup of peas, a tablespoon of butter, a cup of roasted beets, a cup of white beets and a tablespoon of vinegar

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