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How you safe from Paralysis ?

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Paralysis attacks the brain, in which the supply of oxygen to the brain is cut off. (Cells) begin to die.

The brain controls the movements and movements of all the organs of the body. Death of cells in some parts of the brain means that many organs have begun to become paralyzed. When there is a mild stroke, there is less stiffness in the limbs and the power of speech is affected and the tongue seems to stagger. This condition can be permanent or permanent. According to Doctors some patients are fortunate enough to get rid of the disease permanently with their strong will, family attention and timely treatment, but two-thirds of the people become paralysed . There are two types of stroke: The first is called ISCHEMIC STROKE, in which the blood vessels become hard and narrow, causing the blood supply to all parts of the body, especially the brain, to stop. The second type is called hemorrhagic stroke, in which the veins in the brain rupture and bleed.

This causes swelling and inflammation in the body, then further damages the cells. There are two types of blood flow: the first ruptures the arteries inside the brain, the second ruptures the TISSUES, which are spread across the brain. If its duration is less than an hour, then it is shortened. Attack paralysis should be said, it does not kill the patient immediately, but his life is in danger. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, diabetes, obesity, inactivity, old age, smoking, drug use and overwork make the arteries of the body hard. In addition, abnormal connections between the arteries and veins in the brain can lead to paralysis or inflammation of the blood vessels. A stroke is sudden, but its effect varies from person to person. It is also seen which part of the body the paralysis has fallen on and to what extent it has been damaged. The right and left side of the body. How are you feeling How difficult it is to speak and understand. Also if the patient is drowsy, complains of headache, vomiting and nausea, vision has started to be affected, any part of the body is becoming lifeless, thoughts If you are dispersing, have difficulty speaking, have a irregular heartbeat, have difficulty breathing, have strained facial muscles, or have a tongue impaired, then you should consider that you have had a stroke. Is .

The physician who examines the patient after a stroke first looks at the patient’s appearance, studies the patient’s family situation, and checks the blood pressure. An IR is performed to determine the extent to which the patient has been affected. He then determines the type of stroke. He then begins treatment after examining the initial symptoms. If treatment is started within three hours of having a stroke, the patient has an 80% chance of survival and the complications of the disease are reduced. Anemia is 70% paralysed , which is treated by eliminating blood clots (CLOTS) so that the blood flows and there is no more fatigue. Angioplasty for this type of disease. Is also a common treatment. Bleeding is treated surgically, So that the injured arteries can be connected. In addition, every effort is made to control blood clots. According to one physician, life changes after a stroke, which affects the patient’s physical, emotional and mental state. Later healing can take anywhere from six months to several years. By the way, it depends on good treatment. For example, in addition to physical treatment of the patient, the tongue should also be treated so that he can speak. In addition, it is better to seek psychiatric treatment from a doctor. In order to do all this, the patient’s willpower and his support are also necessary. Psychological treatment is necessary because the patient becomes anxious and anxious and suffers from depression. Physical therapy involves giving special signals to the patient’s brain so that he or she can wake up and start working as usual. Light exercise is also important for the patient. Helps to overcome low nerve force. Then his hands and feet start working. Stroke can be cured, human lifestyle can be changed.

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