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Shiatsu: Appropriate treatment for complex and chronic diseases

Shiatsu is a Japanese term. Shi means fingers and atsu means pressure and it is similar to the theory of acupuncture. It is a method of Asian massage in which pressure is applied on different points of the fingers. The points are called shobo. This method treats stress, fatigue, discomfort, etc., and also identifies the effects of various diseases. In the case of disease, the energy flow is disrupted at these points. Shiatsu exerts pressure on the same points as acupuncture. In addition to the fingers, pressure is applied to the palms, knees, arms and legs during the Shiatsu process.

As you go through the process of shiatsu, you begin to feel energy running through your body. This is why it is called acupuncture without needles. Like acupuncture, it successfully treats many complex and chronic ailments and, like other alternative therapies, provides energy, freshness and health. It can be done. It also activates the stream of energy internally and makes a person alert. To get the most out of Shiatsu, you must first find a physician who specializes in this field and has been working on it for many years. Wear loose clothing with his physician. Do it That is, a garment that is not too tight on your body so that the therapist can move your body around easily. For this treatment, the patient is usually laid on a mattress mattress. The first session usually lasts one to one and a half hours, during which the patient is asked questions about his or her health, habits and medical history. Sometimes the pressure becomes severe and the patient feels uncomfortable or uncomfortable. At this point the doctor is asked to keep the pressure soft so that he can use the proportionate pressure. After going through this process you will calm and refresh yourself Like acupuncture, a full course of shiatsu is very beneficial.

During treatment you are also told how to change your lifestyle and what diet to use. You can do this alone at home or with the help of a partner. Instinctively, each of us continues to practice Shiatsu unintentionally. For example, where there is pain, you unconsciously start pressing. Or where there is cold, you try to warm that part by rubbing it with your palm. This is all Shiatsu. When the baby is crying, the mother starts caressing him in an alert and unintentional way. When the baby of an animal has a problem, the mother strengthens him by rubbing her tongue. The same is true of Shiatsu. It does not use language like animals do. When you are doing shiatsu, the pressure should start very gently and lightly, but the patient should not feel any pain. Use the flesh of the thumbs to apply pressure. Apply pressure. There is no need to remove the finger while inserting. If you are practicing on someone else, ask him about the intensity of the pressure.

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