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How Ancient Egyptian medicine still used today ?

Ancient Egyptian medicine

if we little history about Ancient Egyptian medicine,Reflexology or zone therapy is actually derived from the Chinese method of acupuncture. The ancient Egyptians were also familiar with this method of treatment. Diseases are treated by observing the structure and their various parts. Apart from them, the ancient African tribes were also familiar with this method of treatment.

This method treats various ailments by massaging different parts of the soles or by applying pressure to specific areas. To many people, this is just a joke. They think that it is not possible to cure diseases only by massaging and pressing on the soles, but constant experiments have proved that this has happened and many Diseases can be eliminated in this way.

Ancient Egyptians Disease

Ancient Egyptian medicine

Every part of our body is related to the soles and based on this theory the disease or pain of every part of the body can be corrected by the soles. (See diagram to understand) In addition to the soles of the feet, there are also such places on the palms and their backs.

Danger points in the soles are such that the whole body can be controlled through them. For this occasion, the soles can be divided into ten parts. By the way, this knowledge is centuries old. But Dr. Gerald has introduced it in such a modern and scientific way in 1913. It is divided into five parts by drawing a line between the ten parts. Each part has a reflex point in the sole of the foot that is known to the therapist and he treats by pressing or massaging that point.

In addition to these parts, there are many other parts. The common man does not know how useful this treatment is, but he does know that certain types of massage and pressure are usually beneficial and They provide a special kind of relief. These therapists coordinate the flow of energy in specific areas in the same way as in acupuncture because the flow of energy is a threat to health and strength in the body and when this flow is interrupted in any way. This block needs to be removed at this time so that the flow is maintained and health is guaranteed. By applying pressure on specific points of the soles, the therapists try to remove the obstructions in the flow path. There are also points on the palms. But it is more useful to practice on the soles. There are several sessions or stages of this treatment. The first session lasts for an hour and a half.

Ancient Egyptian medicine

The doctor will tell you to lie down on the couch after finding out your medical history. All you have to do is take off your shoes and socks. The doctor will then examine your feet. In this examination he looks at the texture, color and temperature of your feet. He also looks at both your ankles.

He also checks to see if there is any swelling etc. Then he looks at your feet. Talcum powder is used so that the veins of the feet, their bulges and points etc. become clear. Then he will apply pressure on the toes and fingers and massage them in the form of a semicircle.

This means that the whole soles are massaged and the heels are rotated according to your needs. This process ends with breathing exercises and during this pressure is applied to certain points. If you are having pain during the pressure. If so, it can be said to reduce the severity of the pressure. Although this treatment can also be tried at home, but for this a map and diagram of both soles should be in front of you. The diagram of both feet is being published for your convenience. You can also do foot massage to restore energy at the end of the reflex logic process.

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