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What are the benefits of Guava Seeds?

benefits of Guava Seeds

If you hear about Guava so you think about there benefits of guava seeds as well.Some fruits are delicious but they have no aroma or very little which makes them feel incomplete. Guava also has a wonderful aroma and delicious taste. In winter it is eaten more than other fruits. There are about 150 different varieties of guava. One hundred grams of guava contains seventy-six percent water, one to five percent protein, two percent fat, and five to fourteen percent starch. , 0.1% calcium, 0.4% phosphorus, one milligram of steel and 300 to one thousand milligrams of vitamin C.

In terms of vitamin C, only amla can compete with guava. Vitamin C is good not only in well-ripened guava but also in the bark of the tree.

According to a general estimate, 100 milliliters of guava juice contains 70 to 170 milligrams of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, glucosides and enzymes, as well as protein and mineral salts such as phosphorus, calcium and steel. The presence of is not only a good diet but also an effective medicine.

benefits of Guava Seeds

The compounds in guava are resistant to many diseases. Due to its various properties and benefits, the bark and leaves of guava are also important. In some Asian countries, the juice prepared with the help of guava is added to the juice of its leaves. It is used in the treatment of diseases. Eating sweet, ripe and fragrant guava makes the heart feel happy and also relieves nervousness.

Apart from heart and brain, it also strengthens the stomach. Its seeds have the ability to cleanse the stomach worms. The great feature of guava is that eating it eliminates intestinal sluggishness. Stomach and intestines When cleansed, the functions of the liver and stomach are activated and food is digested quickly.

Guava is also good for carotene which is beneficial in eye diseases. They have the ability to energize the cells of the eye that are necessary for vision. This tasty fruit also contains a significant amount of fiber, which contains many toxic substances in the blood, especially cholesterol. In this way the veins remain open and clean. That is why guava is considered as a useful fruit in problems like heart disease and blood pressure. It also eliminates blood clots.

What happens if you eat guava everyday

benefits of Guava Seeds


Being rich in vitamin C, it gives strength and strength to the body. The same immunity can also be used to protect against seasonal colds and flu. Guava also removes bad substances from the blood. Juice is quicker than fruit. Digestion which is also considered useful for slow and skin diseases of the liver.

 Guava speeds up the functions of the kidneys. Chew guava and eat it fresh when cooked. It has its own taste in its raw state but it can cause stomach ache. If the gums are swollen, then the guava tree Boiling the bark in water gives relief to buds and gargling.

2.Skin diseases

Boil a handful of guava leaves in boiling water for five minutes and after cooling, wash the skin with this water, then itching, boils, itching, nails, psoriasis, sores and sores can be relieved.

Guava leaf tea can be useful in reducing diabetes and blood pressure by cutting the leaves from the tree while the fruit is ripening. Dry the leaves and make them into crumbs and soak them in boiling water. Make tea by giving it. By using this tea in cold condition, diarrhea can also be eliminated. Chewing fresh guava leaves also relieves toothache.

benefits of Guava Seeds

A study in Taiwan has shown that the use of guava juice significantly reduces high blood sugar. In Mexico, it is considered an arrow-targeted prescription against diarrhea. The mixture of salt and ginger not only makes it tasty but also enhances its medicinal value but remember that spices should not be too much and avoid drinking water after eating guava as doing so may cause sore throat.

3.Hair strength

Guava leaves prevent hair from falling out. Helps to eliminate dry and scalp lice from scalp and hair. Improves hair health, makes it strong and shiny and is useful in growing new hair. Guava leaves can be used in the following way. Take a handful of fresh guava leaves and wash them thoroughly so that the dust on them is removed. When all the dust on the leaves is removed, then a large pot Heat about a liter of water and put the leaves in it and cook on low heat for twenty to thirty minutes.

benefits of Guava Seeds

When the water is half left, filter the water and keep it in a separate vessel to cool down. Leave on for a minute and wash your head with lukewarm water and dry it. Hair will become beautiful, long, thick and shiny.

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