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Migraine Headache :Causes Symptoms Treatment

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Migraine Headache :Causes Symptoms Treatment

Migraine headache is not a common headache, but a traumatic illness. It is also commonly called a migraine headache. Sometimes the pain is so severe that the affected person feels pain and discomfort in shaking his head, turning his neck and even moving his eyes to the right and left and it seems as if hammers are constantly falling on his head and so on. Occurs only on one side of the head.

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How Can I Sharpen My Brain?

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Sharpen My Brain

Can i Sharpen My Brain Thus, every organ of the human body is an invaluable gift of nature, but the status of the brain is the most important. Because of this brain, man is conquering space as well as developing new technologies. Parents should Try different ways to improve your children’s mental performance.

Provide them with food that helps them develop their brain capacity and get them to do exercises in which the child demonstrates full intelligence.

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How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety ?

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Relieve Stress and Anxiety is major Problems of Modern Society.How to overcome with Stress and Anxiety we write about it .

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

When I was playing tennis, I would stand on the last line and hit the ball with all my might. That’s how I lost a lot of games. One day my brother Steve suggested that I go near the net in the middle. Sports. I replied that I could not play standing near the net. He said: “It will not hurt you, try to change yourself.

One of the rules of the game is that if your strategy doesn’t work, give it up and take a different approach. So I changed my style of play and got closer to the net and started playing. In this way my game improved. I started to have more fun than before and my chances of winning also increased.

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How Can you Protect Yourself from High Blood Pressure?

 High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is said to be the silent killer. It is estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide suffer from it and it is feared that this number may increase further by 2025.

Blood circulates in the body through the heartbeat and as a result the required energy and oxygen is provided. The pressure exerted on the walls of the arteries during this circulation of blood is called blood pressure in medicine.

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How Can We Protect Our Eyes?

Common Eye Complaints

Protect Our Eyes

People ask and Know About there Protect Our Eye in this Dusty Pollution Environment. They are an important sensitive part of the body. Therefore, the slightest neglect of them can cause great damage. Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the retina) is a common eye disease. It is an infection of the frontal membrane of the eye which This infection is common in young and old children and those who use contact lenses.

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Best Ways To Start Living A Healthy & Happy Life

Start Living A Healthy & Happy Life

Start Living a healthy & Happy Life we must read Thousand Articles about it.but we write some Unique Tips about it.

it is said that laughter is the cure for grief and laughing and smiling all the time does not end the problems and worries, but it does reduce their intensity and the person becomes so motivated that he can easily overcome these difficulties and worries. According to the person, those who do not have any problems in their life cannot live a happy life, but those who live a happy life in spite of difficulties and problems.

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How to Control Diabetes Type 2 ?

Control  Diabetes Type 2

Over time, diabetes is becoming a major problem today we can talk about how to control diabetes types 2.Diabetes is a leading cause of heart disease, kidney and brain and neurological diseases, stroke and visual impairment. Before diabetes occurs, there are symptoms in the human body that can be prevented or at least delayed by paying attention and taking precautions.

The management of diabetes is progressively evolving. The latest medical and technological advances-including ones involving the Internet-have begun providing the 18.2 million Americans affected by this disease with the kind of freedom few dreamed of not all that long ago.

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What is the official Breast Cancer Day?

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 Breast Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which the cells of the body divide without any control and take the form of a tumor gland. This complex and contagious disease can occur in any organ of the body. October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Therefore, we are trying to stop the spread of this disease in women.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is launching a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign from October 1st to 31st.Participates in walks with pink ribbons and other areas.

Institutions use awareness in their projects as well as means of development and promotion of welfare work.

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How Ancient Egyptian medicine still used today ?

Ancient Egyptian medicine

if we little history about Ancient Egyptian medicine,Reflexology or zone therapy is actually derived from the Chinese method of acupuncture. The ancient Egyptians were also familiar with this method of treatment. Diseases are treated by observing the structure and their various parts. Apart from them, the ancient African tribes were also familiar with this method of treatment.

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