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What is the official Breast Cancer Day?

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 Breast Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which the cells of the body divide without any control and take the form of a tumor gland. This complex and contagious disease can occur in any organ of the body. October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Therefore, we are trying to stop the spread of this disease in women.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is launching a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign from October 1st to 31st.Participates in walks with pink ribbons and other areas.

Institutions use awareness in their projects as well as means of development and promotion of welfare work.

Important of Breast Cancer awesome

 Breast Cancer

1. How does cancer start?

Infections in the nose, ears and throat can cause tumors.

It is more common in men and 90% of people recover if diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Women can have breast cancer, which can be felt near the collar bone and then around the chest, but in the beginning It is not known until it takes the form of a lump. Even doctors cannot identify this cell until a biopsy is done.

The gland, which first forms several months ago, then spreads in the form of small glands all over the body, ie around the chest. It is not advisable to take it lightly or lightly. Don’t be satisfied by eating chlorine. In this way the pain can be cured but the root of the disease remains in its place and after some time it can go to the stage of incurable.

2. At what stage can the disease occur?

This is a complex disease. If diagnosed at the first stage, the growth of the tumor can be prevented. Therefore, whether it is urgent surgery or a systemic therapy such as chemo or individual diagnosis of each patient, the patient will live on his will power for a long time. Must stay Family support and kindness also play a very important role in this. Because on the one hand money is being spent and on the other hand the patient is cut off from daily household chores, jobs etc. But at the second stage we try to be modern. Protect precious lives with the help of the latest medicines and medical facilities. These women can live comfortably for at least 5 to 20 years, but they should be obliged to pay attention to the following diet and care issues.

Avoid any foods that can cause cancer, such as processed foods, junk food, etc. Do not eat. Do not smoke. Add cabbage, broccoli, greens, spinach, salads, rosemary and other herbs to your diet

Onions and garlic eliminate toxins by encircling Nitrosamines and Aflatoxins. This protects the stomach, lungs and liver of cancer patients.

Eat lemons, cannabis, seasonal and other stressful fruits such as strawberries, juices, etc. Carotenoids, Flavonoids and Terpenes contain ingredients that neutralise carcinogens. 

Grapes are eaten, they also develop immunity against cancer cells. Olive oil and soybeans contain the most effective anti-cancer ingredients.

Eat carrots and green leafy vegetables. Along with exercise, you should be examined and checked every month. If there is any change in the size of the breasts, any pimples, material, glands, swelling, consult a pathologist. Do not allow painkillers to spread the disease.

3. Increasing Accuracy And Patient 

 Breast Cancer

There’s encouraging news for women. Not only is it becoming easier to catch and treat breast cancer in its earliest stages, but new technologies are making the process of diagnosing the disease more comfortable for the patient-and more accurate as well. 

The National Cancer Institute recommends mammography screenings every one to two years for women over 40 and annually for women over 50. In addition, women at high risk of developing breast cancer (for example, women with a strong family history of breast cancer or who test positive for the BRCA breast cancer gene) are encouraged to begin annual mammography screenings even earlier-sometimes as young as 25-and should consult a physician.

Benefits and risks 

• Early detection of small breast cancers greatly improves a woman’s chances for successful treatment. If breast cancer is caught and treated while it is still confined to the breast ducts, the cure rate is close to 100 percent. 

• Clinical studies in the U.S., Sweden and the Netherlands have suggested that deaths from breast cancer could be cut by between 36 and 44 percent if screening mammography were performed annually on all women in their 40s. 

Digital mammography 

One of the most recent advances in breast cancer screening is digital mammography. Digital mammography uses essentially the same system as conventional mammography, but is equipped with a digital receptor and a computer instead of a film cassette.

Digital mammography systems such as Siemens Medical Solutions’ Mammomat.


A woman over the age of 40 should have a mammogram at least once a year, especially those with a family history of cancer. It is not possible to prevent hereditary diseases but timely treatment. Can Check your breasts in the mirror after every month. If there are any abnormal changes or pimples, etc., check with a oncologist instead of a physician.

Don’t worry about the biopsy

It is important to consult a doctor even if the days are chaotic or late. Eat more green vegetables, more fruits and less red meat. It is very important to abstain from smoking and drugs.

If not every day, then three to four days a week, do a 45-minute brisk exercise to stay fit.

Young women who recover after cancer treatment can also give birth to new offspring. First-degree patients recover up to 93% and return to a happy life, followed by a year or six months. They need various examinations for the sake of consolation!

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